The positivity training course was one of the best things I have done for myself. It has made me more aware of my stronger and weaker characteristics and taught me how to cultivate them. After our summer sessions I went back to school and even my counselor noticed that I was being more optimistic and had obtained a growth mindset. Positivity training has taught me to take the small victories and to appreciate the little things in life. This course has also taught me how to better cope with the stresses of my academic and personal life so that neither would suffer and so that I am able to conduct myself with a calmer mental state. Everything I learned from Ruth has helped improve my outlook on life and I would highly recommend trying out everything she gives you.

NT. Massachusetts

Positivity Training has taught me to see things differently. I never believed that just writing down happy things that happened to you or standing in a particular position could affect my mood as drastically as it does. After only a few sessions of positivity Training I noticed a change in my attitude every day. Since then both my outlook on life and my overall mood have Continued to improve.

MM. Connecticut