Fran Foley, Pastoral Care Manager, East Sheen Primary

As pastoral care manager for a large and diverse primary school in west London, I am always on the lookout for material that will make a positive impact on the well-being and mental health of our pupils.   Recently, we were asked to try the Strengths program as part of our interventions in school.  We

Karen Guggenheim, CEO, WOHASU LLC and Co-Founder, World Happiness Summit

Ruth is a generous, authentic and dynamic professional who has vast experience in project management, positive psychology and team building. Her strengths-based approach and expertise in skillfully mixing these three elements has been very useful to our WOHASU team during the execution, production and operation of World Happiness Summit events.  She has been supporting us

Tal Ben-Shahar, Author, Educator, Positive Psychology Expert

Ideas, grand or small, are dime-a-dozen.  What ultimately distinguishes a successful venture from an unsuccessful one is not the idea behind it, but the execution.  And the ability to execute, to successfully take a project from the seed stage to flourishing, is rare.  Which is where Ruth Pearce comes in!  Ruth is among the best

Shelley Haith, Senior Director Operations Excellence Lead, Pfizer NYC

During a period of significant change, Ruth offered to provide a character strengths workshop tailored to our small team. Ruth took time to really understand what the team was going through and to get to know the team before the workshop started, helping to make the whole experience very personal. The 90-minute workshop was a

Carolyne Simi, Create Your Encore, Seattle, WA

I recently had the opportunity to take one of my clients through the VIA Character Strengths Assessment and, to make the experience even more enlightening, I engaged with Ruth Pearce of A Lever Long Enough, to amplify his results. I must say that the experience for both of us was several cuts above what I

Marc Delphine, Financial Planner, Seattle WA

The VIA Character Strengths Analysis is extremely helpful.  There are many offerings to analyze one’s strengths (Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder, etc.), but what this did that made it different was it showed us how we all have the same characteristics, yet for each of us, some are more prevalent than others.   This analysis shows my primary

Dennis Miles, Mass Mutual, CT

Ruth is an inspired leader who achieves superior results because she understands that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. She leads her teams with character and integrity, recognizes and rewards talent, and freely and consistently coaches others to improve as may be required. It is without hesitation that I recommend

Bruce Cleare, CT

For the past three years, Ruth and I have worked together on a large, complex multi-year software development program. In her role as Program Manager of a highly technical program that is at the nexus of this large development effort, I have enjoyed the benefit of learning from Ruth, firsthand, the incredible influence a leader

Nancy Bogle St. John

I reached out to Ruth for help and guidance regarding a Positive Psychology program I was developing for high risk teens and young adults. She responded right away, with critical things for me to consider, as well as many helpful suggestions and ideas. Her wisdom, extensive knowledge and support provided me with the tools I

NSL, Student, MA

The positivity training I participated in was for about 8 weeks and in just a short amount of time I learned how to look at my life from a new perspective, a positive perspective. Sometimes we don’t see how pessimistic we tend to be or how we dwell on things of low importance. The training