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Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Get to know me

For twenty years I have worked in multiple sectors project managing complex programs and large teams. Over the years, I have learned about and implemented many evidence-based positive psychology techniques to build resilient, high performing teams. In my spare time(!) I have also created and delivered workshops focused on increasing well-being for teenagers. I was recently asked to design a six-week character strengths intervention for 8-year-old school students in the U.K.

My first love though is project managers and their teams! I believe that we need to not just organize, but also need to energize. We need to be agents of engagement and not just agents of change. My belief is that PM no longer stands for Project Manager, but now, more accurately stands for Project Motivator and Positive Mindset! PM3

I am not only a skilled project manager and motivator, I am also committed to continuous learning.  That is reflected in my training as an economist, mediator, attorney, positive psychology practitioner and coach. I see beauty in my surroundings, appreciate the people around me, and live to create environments where others can flourish.

My clients say they appreciate my energy and wit, and the way that I see connections everywhere. I use empathy and coaching skills to help clients and colleagues excel. I also have a strong sense of justice, and is not shy when it comes to standing up for others. In recent times I have become increasingly focused on mental health at work and inclusion

My character strengths:
I believe in practicing what I preach! I have taken the VIA Character Strengths assessment and I am happy to share the results. 

My top character strengths* as assessed by the VIA Strengths Assessment are:

  • Appreciation of beauty & excellence – noticing beauty, excellence, and skill in all areas of life.
  • Curiosity – interested in learning more about anything and everything.
  • Gratitude – aware of the good things that happen and never take them for granted.
  • Fairness – treating people fairly. Not allowing personal feelings to bias decisions about other people.
  • Love of Learning – striving to deepen my knowledge so that I can bring you the best experience
  • Judgment – weighing the facts and offering a balanced point of view
  • Zest – Energy, fun, engagement!

This combination of strengths is what has helped me create successful and engaged teams as a project manager throughout my career. It has also resulted in accolades such as “key contributor to our success”, “enroller” and “one of our best leaders and thinkers”.

With my particular combination of strengths, extensive experience and training, I am well positioned to help you become your best self through coaching, training, and workshops. And if you have a really challenging project that you would like me to project manage, I am open to that too!

I love to read, watch movies, listen to music – particularly when performed live. I try to walk my dog, Milo, every day, and love to swim whenever I get the chance. My husband Gareth and I live in Western Massachusetts currently, although we are always open to a travel adventure!

If you would like to have a discussion with me, please book a free 30-minute consultation



*For those of you more familiar with Gallup Strengthsfinder, I have taken that assessment too and am a certified Gallup Strengthsfinder coach! 

My top five talent themes, as measured by the StrengthsFinder assessment tool, are:

  • Learner – a love of learning and learning quickly, but above all sharing that love of learning
  • Input – facilitating growth and performance. Providing tangible relevant help to others
  • Arranger – orchestrating people and resources for maximum effectiveness
  • Empathy – innate ability to understand the emotions of those around them
  • Connectedness – building bridges between people, showing them how to relate and rely on each other.

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