From Change Agents to Engagement Agents!

In our world, project managers are not just Change Agents, they are Engagement Agents. Combining practices from the fields of project management, leadership and positive psychology with passion and experience we can help you create a lever long enough to move your world.  

Vision ~ Workplaces that thrive.
Mission ~ To empower Project Managers to create team engagement & thriving workplace communities! To alleviate anxiety & stress in the workplace.
Passion ~ Bringing out the best in others. 

Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it,
and I shall move the world ~ Archimedes
Exciting News! 

Ruth has a new book coming in October 2018 thanks to Berrett-Koehler publishers and the friends and family who helped me put together a successful proposal! Teamwork in action. 

Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-based Project Management  

As project managers, we are accountable for making things happen. And we are responsible to motivate. Engaged and motivated employees – including project managers – are emotionally committed to organizational goals. They care, and they get things done.

But how do we get team members on board and make the project goals their own?

How can we enroll them to work alongside us to ensure project success? Find out more about the book here.  

Bringing Positive Psychology to the Project Managers and the Workplace
In his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor identifies 7 principles of success and achievement. The second he names “The Fulcrum and the Lever”. This is what he says:
“How we experience the world, and our ability to succeed within it, constantly changes based on our mindset. This principle teaches us how we can adjust our mindset (our fulcrum) in a way that gives us the power (the lever) to be more fulfilled and successful”. 
Here at A Lever Long Enough For You, we believe that project managers with a positive mindset (the fulcrum) are a tremendous power (the lever) in creating high functioning, productive and successful project teams that are also HAPPY!  We are raising the bar through coaching, training, and workshops for project managers who want to be project motivators and teams who want to feel engaged.

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