Ruth is a generous, authentic and dynamic professional who has vast experience in project management, positive psychology and team building. Her strengths-based approach and expertise in skillfully mixing these three elements has been very useful to our WOHASU team during the execution, production and operation of World Happiness Summit events.  She has been supporting us since the beginning, and is a great motivator.

Karen Guggenheim, CEO, WOHASU LLC and Co-Founder, World Happiness Summit


Ideas, grand or small, are dime-a-dozen.  What ultimately distinguishes a successful venture from an unsuccessful one is not the idea behind it, but the execution.  And the ability to execute, to successfully take a project from the seed stage to flourishing, is rare.  Which is where Ruth Pearce comes in! 

Ruth is among the best project managers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my twenty-five years in business.  She is able to take a seed, a mere idea, and cultivate it into a fully flourishing plant, a successful project.  And all this with generosity, humor, and sensitivity.


Tal Ben-Shahar, Author, Educator, Positive Psychology Expert

Dennis MilesRuth is an inspired leader who achieves superior results because she understands that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. She leads her teams with character and integrity, recognizes and rewards talent, and freely and consistently coaches others to improve as may be required. It is without hesitation that I recommend Ruth Pearce.

Dennis Miles, Mass Mutual, CT

During a period of significant change, Ruth offered to provide a character strengths workshop tailored to our small team. Ruth took time to really understand what the team was going through and to get to know the team before the workshop started, helping to make the whole experience very personal.

The 90-minute workshop was a blend of theory, and personal practice, and built on a strengths assessment that we took prior to the meeting. During the workshop we were able to learn more about our strengths as individuals and as a team. We came to recognize some strong similarities between the team members as well as some striking differences, and explored the ways in which these complementary and contradictory strengths can help as a team. We also practiced strengths spotting with some fun but helpful exercises.

Ruth followed up with coaching sessions which helped to reinforce what we learned and encouraged us to consider ways of putting our new knowledge into practice. 

The assessment, the workshop, the coaching and Ruth’s attention to the team’s experiences combined with Ruth’s track record as a manager and coach, made this a very useful training at a very difficult time

Shelley Haith, Senior Director Operations Excellence Lead, Pfizer NYC

carolynecircleI recently had the opportunity to take one of my clients through the VIA Character Strengths Assessment and, to make the experience even more enlightening, I engaged with Ruth Pearce of A Lever Long Enough, to amplify his results. I must say that the experience for both of us was several cuts above what I could have provided for him myself.

Ruth’s analysis of his 24 strengths helped him to see all of them in a positive light, meaning that she entirely eliminated the natural tendency to see the strengths at the bottom of the list as weaknesses. Rather she turns them into opportunities to cultivate if we so desire; to leverage so as to become our best selves. She also utilizes the many tools at her disposal to demonstrate the 24 strengths in different ways by categorizing them within the Virtue group structure. This provides an entirely different view which creates a much deeper and broader understanding for the client.
My client was very pleased with the results and was very appreciative of the way Ruth took his experience to a new level. I highly recommend Ruth’s service. I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg of what she can provide. Kudos Ruth!!

Carolyne Simi, Create Your Encore, Seattle, WA

I reachedIMG_4650 out to Ruth for help and guidance regarding a Positive Psychology program I was developing for high risk teens and young adults. She responded right away, with critical things for me to consider, as well as many helpful suggestions and ideas. Her wisdom, extensive knowledge and support provided me with the tools I needed as I move forward with my work.

I was truly overcome with gratitude and appreciation.

Nancy Bogle St. John

Bruce ClearFor the past three years, Ruth and I have worked together on a large, complex multi-year software development program. In her role as Program Manager of a highly technical program that is at the nexus of this large development effort, I have enjoyed the benefit of learning from Ruth, firsthand, the incredible influence a leader has over the level of engagement and overall well-being of her/his team through the simple act of saying “thank you”.


While “employee recognition” should be a seemingly simple concept to master, the desire for being acknowledged for one’s contributions has continued to be a recurring theme in both survey results and informal conversations. Through Ruth’s mastery of the ability to make others feel that their efforts are truly valued and appreciated, she was able to create a kind of “force field” around her project teams that seemed to protect them from the formidable pressures and stresses that can come with such a challenging environment.


Although hers was one of the more difficult programs within our technology portfolio, I personally observed, as well as receiving confirmation from others, that Ruth’s teams were more upbeat, smiled more, and didn’t seem as troubled by the same issues as other teams (e.g. work/life balance). Aside from her remarkable energy and positivity, a key factor that differentiates Ruth is her use of, and skill at recognizing others for their contributions. Ruth’s integrity, sincerity and authenticity made her “Thank You’s” real and meaningful.

Bruce Cleare, CT

marc-delphine-photoThe VIA Character Strengths Analysis is extremely helpful.  There are many offerings to analyze one’s strengths (Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder, etc.), but what this did that made it different was it showed us how we all have the same characteristics, yet for each of us, some are more prevalent than others.
This analysis shows my primary strength or characteristic is Humor.  I find that there is a great healing power in laughter and it helps immensely to “turn our frowns upside down.”  While I am always quick with a joke to alleviate some tension, I never recognized it as a “character strength” until Ruth and the VIA Character Strengths Analysis showed me that.  Now, I suggest to others when they ask me about what makes me unique, or what some of my positive attributes are, I speak with honor and mention “humor.”


There are many strengths and again, some are more powerful in you than in others…but they are in all of us! I highly recommend Ruth and the VIA Character Strengths Analysis to help you determine what are your strongest strengths so you can see for yourself what makes you you!

Marc Delphine, Financial Planner, Seattle WA

The positivity training course was one of the best things I have done for myself. It has made me more aware of my stronger and weaker characteristics and taught me how to cultivate them. After our summer sessions I went back to school and even my counselor noticed that I was being more optimistic and had obtained a growth mindset. Positivity training has taught me to take the small victories and to appreciate the little things in life. This course has also taught me how to better cope with the stresses of my academic and personal life so that neither would suffer and so that I am able to conduct myself with a calmer mental state. Everything I learned from Ruth has helped improve my outlook on life and I would highly recommend trying out everything she gives you.

NT., Student, Massachusetts

Positivity Training has taught me to see things differently. I never believed that just writing down happy things that happened to you or standing in a particular position could affect my mood as drastically as it does. After only a few sessions of positivity Training I noticed a change in my attitude every day. Since then both my outlook on life and my overall mood have continued to improve.

High School Student, Connecticut

I very much enjoyed our time spent together. You are very inspiring – Thank you!

Student, MA

The positivity training I participated in was for about 8 weeks and in just a short amount of time I learned how to look at my life from a new perspective, a positive perspective. Sometimes we don’t see how pessimistic we tend to be or how we dwell on things of low importance. The training opened my eyes to see that every day is a blessing and although we may have had some unappealing moments in our day, we should focus on those times when we felt happy, excited, and elated. This focus has helped me live a happier life. Why waste time feeling down about something that happened? Turn the negative into a positive and move forward from it.

This training not only gives you a positive outlook on life but it also helps you learn about yourself. What do you enjoy? What kinds of things make you happy? What are your strengths and weaknesses? All of these things helped me learn more about myself, which in turn helped me work on things I wanted to change to make me a better person. I’ve shared my experiences of this training with other friends and family because it truly makes an impact on how you live your life, both personally and even professionally in your career.

NSL, Student, MA