From the Mat: Inaugural IPEN Festival Focuses on Strengths, and More

The Festival of Positive Education will be the launching point for a new kind of education—you will walk away inspired, transformed, and armed with the tools you will need to change your education system forever. —Sir Anthony Seldon, IPEN President The International Positive Education Network (IPEN) is an organization dedicated to bringing positive psychology to education at every

Positive Psychology: So Much More Than Looking on the Bright Side

As I read more about positive psychology in the media, I fear that we are becoming increasingly detached from the true messages of the science. As the themes and practices are distilled into articles proposing “The Five Steps to Happiness” or “The Seven Keys to Success,” the subtlety, sophistication, and value of positive psychology are

When Too Much Good is Bad: Wisdom on Using (Not Overusing) Positive Psychology in the Workplace

  As a team leader and coach, I leverage many of the tenets of positive psychology with teams and groups. But these ideas are not magic bullets. There is mess and challenge, confrontation and frustration. The temptation to overuse a tool or technique that appears to work is understandable, particularly during difficult times. However, taking

Leaders, Please Take One Step Back – humility, leadership, individuality & inclusion

Humility in Leadership: ” To lead people, walk beside them…” Lao Tzu To be humble as a leader allows space for others to excel. Leadership is not about knowing all the answers. Leadership is not about not needing anyone else. Leadership is about creating an environment where everyone can be at their best. Recognizing the unique contributions

Bravery – the uncomfortable strength

In 2004, Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman published the landmark “Character Strengths and Virtues, A Handbook and Classification”. The manual – also lovingly referred to by the authors as the “Manual of the Sanities” – identifies twenty-four universal strengths and six virtues. By universal we mean that they these strengths apply regardless of our cultural,