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 Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world”~ Archimedes
Welcome to ALLE4You – A Lever Long Enough For You, where we are excited to deliver tailored workshops for any type of organization that wants to build happier, healthier more productive teams. We blend workshops with coaching packages for managers, teams & individuals based on the concept of leveraging strengths and values, building talents & creating community. 
We also love working with positive psychology practitioners who may need additional organizational support. In our world, project managers are not just Change Agents, they are Engagement Agents. Our project managers engage and energize practitioners to get their best ideas off the ground and out into the world. 
Our motto is “don’t just organize: engage & energize!”
Combining experience and passion with tried and tested techniques from the field of positive psychology, the team at ALLE will help you create a lever long enough to move your world.  

Vision:  to bring positive change to the world.
Mission: to transform workplaces into communities.
Promise: to help you get to where and who you want to be.                      

As we grow and evolve, the site will too, so check back frequently for new information. We will always be changing and enhancing.
We love to incorporate new ideas, so if you have suggestions for us, please contact us at
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